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Smile Mah Records

Smile Mah Records isn't just a label; it's a testament to resilience and determination in the music industry. Founded by the enigmatic Half Deezy, who emerged from the shadows after two decades of relentless pursuit of his musical dreams, Smile Mah Records is a beacon of hope for artists who have been overlooked and underestimated.

Half Deezy's journey mirrors that of many artists under his label's umbrella. Like an anagram waiting to be unraveled, he was hidden in plain sight, his talent overshadowed by the mainstream industry's preferences. However, in 2024, the tides began to turn. With over 2.5 million streams on Amazon Music and chart-topping success across multiple countries, Half Deezy proved that perseverance pays off.

Drawing from his leadership experience gained during his military service, Deezy leads Smile Mah Records with a vision to empower artists to forge their paths to success. His label isn't just about music; it's a movement. It's a sanctuary for the outcasts, the underdogs, and the overlooked.

At Smile Mah Records, genre boundaries dissolve. Deezy believes that every artist deserves a chance to be heard, regardless of their musical style. From hip-hop to rock, pop to indie, the label embraces diversity and champions authenticity.

What sets Smile Mah apart is its commitment to nurturing artists beyond the confines of traditional labels. Deezy doesn't just sign talent; he cultivates communities. With connections to top A&Rs across the globe, Smile Mah Records is rapidly ascending, amplifying its voice and expanding its reach.

But Smile Mah isn't just about the music; it's about the people behind it. Deezy's mission is to equip his artists with the tools they need to thrive independently. It's about fostering a culture of empowerment, where artists can flourish on their terms, long after they've left the label's nest.

In essence, Smile Mah Records isn't just a record label; it's a movement. It's a testament to the power of resilience, community, and unwavering belief in the transformative power of music. Under the visionary leadership of Half Deezy, Smile Mah Records is rewriting the narrative of the music industry, one artist at a time.

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